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VR Shopping

MyMall is a AR/VR development company. We have invested years of research and development in augmented/virtual reality making us one of the first and the best in business.

We focus on AR/VR products designed on consumer shopping.

The application of AR/VR technology greatly reduces the cost of development, production and/or application of various products and business models, significantly improving the quality of the product or business process itself. Not to mention a new interesting and fun ways of interaction for the end consumer.

Virtual Reality (VR) Commerce is the next generation of eCommerce, providing visitors with a full 3D VR immersive experiences in high resolution GCI without the need of a lenghty download, plugin or App. Using any device MyMall can be accessed through a basic HTML website making it the worlds 1st VR website shopping platform.

Customers can choose to navigate stores by identifying selected categories, searching brands or by native search of products and items within MyMall. Once in the VR shopping mall you can browse and visits stores click the prompt window and access the stores ecatalogues, purchase items. directly from the retailers and choose to collect or have the item delivered.


Shop with confidence and peace of mind knowing that each store has been selected, verified and monitored for customer service, delivery and returns policies and has been trading for a period of time.  

Receive offer promts via the MyMall APP which uses the latest Artificial Intelligence Ai and Augmented Reality AR technology so we can send you offers tailored only for you or when near your favourite stores in the physical environment. See special offer via the AR on your phone and allow stores to target you using your GPS on the latest offer that are specifically tailored for you.   

Ecommerce sales will reach $4 trillion by 2030 of which 80% will come from VR. Join the VR revolution is now we call it VR commerce.   

We create fully immersive VR virtual reality stores in high resolution CGI. Offer your customers the ability to freely walk in your VR store and explore your products. We design the store for optimum performance giving your customer a near real life shopping expericence in the comfort of their home, where they can access any product and purchase within a few clicks

VR store

Our App has built in AR augmented reality. This gives you the ability to upload your content via our App and push that to your customers interactively using the automated AR.Your customers can see special offers, product informations and other content tailored to your each customer.

AR instore

Target audiences automatically using Ai artificial intelligence. Match customer preferences with your specific campaigns and drive them to a particular products. We are building a bridge between the virtual reality and the physical reality. Guide your customers exactly to the product they aspire by matching whilst in the store using GPS. Ai will overtime allow high accuarate and specific push marketing capability that works automatically and with minimum input

Ai GPS location marketing

VR commerce

Turn your ecommerce website into a high quality Virtual Reality e-store and access a whole new audience either regionally or globally. Position your brand and attract your target audiences. Create push campaigns onto our members and use App based geolocation to target optimised data via our Artificial Intelligence. Get analylitics on user behaviour with current and future trends via our Predictive Intelligence Software.   

Develop your Virtual reality Store from as little as £5000 and access millions of new consumers. 

the VRcommerce market is worth a stagering $2 Trillon by 2030.  

Speak to us today and explore our suprisingly low cost packages designed to get you onboard with our VR technology. 



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